New App: Out of Milk

Have you ever stood there at the grocery store with something in your hand, wondering if you already had it at home? Then, since you couldn’t remember, you threw it in the cart. When you got home, lo, there are three more of them? No? It’s just me then. Sure it is. 😉

Regardless of how many of us this really happens to, I got an app on my phone that has solved that problem: Out of Milk. This app has three functions, a shopping list, a to-do creator, and a pantry log. That’s right, you can log all the food, cleaning supplies, etc you have in the house. This function has already saved me money twice!

I can hear some of you now. “Who wants to sit there typing in everything in my kitchen and under my sink by hand?” None of us, that’s why OOM has a barcode function that allows you to scan the box/bag/can the item comes in and log it that way. Now, the scanner does have some issues. It takes a few seconds, sometimes longer, for it to catch the barcode. It doesn’t have every item available in it’s system, but it has far more than I thought it would. The cool thing is that the app can learn. If it doesn’t have it, you type it in. From then on,  OOM captures that item.

One of the funniest things its done so far is catalog Agave Nectar as “plant spit”. Yummy.

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