New App Helps Fight Pain

Wow…sometimes technology is truly helpful beyond what I expected. The SickKids hospital in Toronto needed to understand how pain afflicts children with cancer so they can develop better treatments for it. But it’s hard for kids to record their pain on a daily basis for so many reasons.

IPhone apps to the rescue.

They developed a game where the kids become members of the “Pain Squad”. Treating the pain like a police case that needs to be solved, the kids file “police reports” each day to help track the data and solve the case. Even cast members from Canada’s most popular cop shows lent their support.

I’ve popped the video in here…you should really take the three minutes out of your day to watch it. Pretty amazing stuff…

Another Sleepless Night

Hey all:

So it’s 2:30 am, and I’m wide awake again. This happens a lot toward the end of my medication supply. The timing just never seems to work out.  No matter how well I count the pills. It takes it so long to come in from out of the country. So I’m taking one a day, sometimes going without any for a day or two when I’m supposed to take one in the morning and one at night. Doing that keeps me locked up here in the apartment for the most part, because the pain and exhaustion is too much to handle. Going out becomes like rolling a boulder up a mountain.

Btw, did I ever tell you all I have fibromyalgia? That’s why I’m waiting on these meds. And because I’m too messed up to sleep, but too brain dead to write an actual post, here’s a little video fun: