Breaking: Facebook Donations for Japan Rescue Dogs!

Fellow Readers:

Right now, I don’t feel like there’s much I can say. Across the water, our neighbors in Japan are really hurting. The quake has had devastating effects, much more than any news reports can convey. But I did find something to pass on to you. A chance to put your “likes” to work!

According to an article in Mashable, The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has teams on their way over to Japan, to help dig quake victims out of the rubble. As we saw here during 9/11, search dogs can make all the difference in finding and getting a person out before they die. Here’s the Mashable story:

Now, a lot of us don’t have money to give, but there’s been a challenge set up on Facebook. has set up the “Dog Bless You” Facebook Page. For every person who presses their “like” button, a dollar will be donated.

So get on FB right now, tell your friends, and help dig someone out before they die. Here’s the link: