The Student Loan Scheme

Most of us know by now, usually through direct experience, what a Mafia inspired deal the student loan industry is. But I haven’t seen anything lay it out in detail quite like this graphic before.



Where’s the American Dream Gone?

The Republicans yammer on about how the poor deserve to be poor and whine about holding rich people accountable is “class warfare”. But what has really been going on over the past few decades? Are the 99% of us just totally deluded? Does the American dream still exist? Let’s take a look at a nice graph.

bar graph showing massive income inequalities












Huh. According to this graph, from the time I was 1 until I was 4 years old (76-79) was the only time that incomes were anywhere near equal. Looks like after the Great Depression, there may have been policies put in place that allowed the 99% to make good financial gains (at least the white 99%, more on that later) during the 60s. But after 1980, all bets were off.

Huh. You know, I’m not really sure what else to say about this. Maybe I should just let the graph speak for itself.

Washington State Wants You to Pick Apples

According to this article, the fruit industry in washington state is in trouble because of  immigration crackdowns. It’s getting to the point where farmers are offering *gasp* halfway decent wages for pickers! In some spots, the pay is still hovering around minimum wage with little to no housing provided. Other farms are going as high as $30/bin (totaling incentive pay) and adding housing to the mix.

I find this part of the article interesting:

“The governor returned home Friday after leading a 15-member delegation of farm group representatives to the nation’s capital. They urged members of Congress to oppose a Republican bill that would force employers to use a federal database called E-Verify to determine whether their employees are eligible to work in the United States. Gregoire criticized anti-illegal-immigration rhetoric prevalent in Washington, D.C., saying Congress should instead be focused on ways to get more foreign workers to help with harvesting.”

This bothers me for two reasons:

1) It confirms, in my opinion, that the unstated reason wages for picking are going up is because farmers know they have to make it worthwhile for WHITE PEOPLE to do this job.

2) By asking Congress to bring in more foreign workers, I believe Gregoire is saying, in that coded way white people do when we talk about race, that our lawmakers should know by now that “certain (white) folks” are just not going to do some jobs.

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