Make A Loan At Kiva!

UPDATE:  I tested out the link Kiva provided me with. It’s not a certain number of free loans per lender. Kiva set a goal of a certain number of free loans total, and those have already run out. But you can still follow the link at the bottom. I still encourage everyone to get involved with Kiva. I’ve never been so satisfied spending $25.


For those who don’t know, is a nonprofit that loans money to people all over the world for microenterprise business support. These loans have a phenomenal effect on global poverty, especially when given to women. Several people chip in $25 each, and someone you would never even know about any other way gets a chance to make their lives more economically sound. This has an impact on the community around them. Here’s one story:

In a small city, men were being paid horribly low wages as day laborers. Some of the local women got a micro loan and went into business to help make ends meet. As they grew, some of their husbands quit day labor to come work in the business with their wives. This had the effect of creating a shortage in the labor pool, which lead to higher wages for the men who stayed there to work. Folks in other cities who supplied them with materials also enjoyed an increased standard of living, and they spent money in their community.

Micro loans have effects far beyond just helping one person or a family get on their feet.

So far I’ve loaned money to the following people:

Mrs. Kouy in Cambodia got a $500 loan to expand her grocery store and repair her front door. I was part of that. She has repaid it in full, which I figure means she is attaining her goals of continued success.

Dona Del Carmen lives in Leon, Nicaragua. She has run a beauty salon out of her home for nine years, and asked for a $325 loan to buy more basic supplies to help her expand. She is almost fully done repaying her loan, so I am again assuming her salon is continuing to grow strong.

Tonight for the first time, I made a loan to a guy. Mr. Sob lives in Reussey Keo, Cambodia. He is asking for a loan of $1,100 to help start his electrician business. His plan seems solid, and I feel like he’s a good risk. As of tonight he is 100% fully funded, so now his journey begins.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Just follow this link: Kiva is giving people the chance to make their first $25 loan absolutely FREE! I have a total of 8,000 invites to give out. Hurry up and get on board now!


Pray For Debt Resolution: We’ll Arrest You!

Seems like the only people who can safely pray in public spaces are those who wave giant horridly tragic signs of diced up fetuses (feti? feetii?) or hate the gayz. When some Christians gathered around to ask God to protect the poor among us in this self-induced debt “crisis”, they were arrested.

I won’t say much here, because others do it better. I’ll just point you to the links:

I will leave you with one quote that really struck me:

“There seem to be several ‘givens’ in this debate,” Ramirez said, according to an e-mail from his office. “For Republicans, no new taxes is a given. For some Democrats, no cuts in Medicare are a given. For others, no cuts in military spending is a given. For your administration, some additional revenues are a given. Sadly, if you listen to the debate it seems that protecting the poor and vulnerable is not a given. That is why we are here.”   Bishop Ricardo Ramirez of New Mexico