Chase/Occupy Mashup

Keeping the political mashup theme going, here’s an excellent one combining a Chase rewards card commercial celebrating the virtues of love and family with footage of police brutality from various Occupy Wall Street moments.

Everyone needs to feel the love, right?

Wells Fargo $3 Fee Gone!

Well THAT didn’t last very long. According to this article from the San Fransisco Business Times the bank started their test run on October 14th of this year. On October 28th, a WF spokesperson announced that they were cancelling the test run in response to “customer feedback”.

Hmm….could that feedback have been thousands of people moving their money out to credit unions and local banks? For everyone who was able to do that, great job making your voice heard!!

Now it looks like Bank of America might be trying to find more ways to waive their $5 monthly fee for customers.

Looks like pressure is a good thing for these banks…if you’re moving your money, I’d say keep it up! I’ll be joining you as soon as my credit is good enough to do it.


Getting Arrested? Tell The World!

If you’ve been following the Occupy movement, you’ve seen people get arrested. Interactions with law enforcement can be confusing, and remembering everyone who needs to know is tough. Now, there’s an app for that.

I’m Getting Arrested lets you enter a pre-written text message, designed to be sent to anyone in your world who needs to know. Once the information is entered, a giant bullseye comes up on your screen, ready to be pressed.

To find out more, read this article:

Ready to download it? Here’s the Android Market page:

h/t to Rachel Maddow for the info!