This is just one of the things that makes me feel like I can’t be on my own neighborhood after dark. I’m disabled and trans, and have been told to “move along” by cops before when hanging out at night on Pike/Pine. Part of me thinks it’s because more wealthy white straight people are moving into the neighborhood.

But it really sucks feeling like I have to “get out” of my own neighborhood by a certain time each night. And I’m getting tired of feeling like I should just accept it and move on. This idea that if you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you shouldn’t have to fear the cops is another way of keeping people from speaking up when they know something isn’t right. The thing is, people want to believe that the police would never treat them like that. But they will if they can figure out how to.

Police don’t need an excuse, and as things get worse out here, they need less and less of one every day.

Black Orchid Collective

One of the six people bashed and arrested last Saturday night at Pride during the Queers Fucking Queers street dance party has written about her experiences that night. For updates on the arrestees, please follow the Grand Legion of Incendiary and Tenacious Unicorn Revolutionaries (GLTUR) on the web, Facebook, and twitter. For more background, please read jomo206’s post “It doesn’t get better, we rebel to make it better!

Last Saturday night, I went to meet some friends on Capitol Hill to go to a queer dance party in the street. I was excited to celebrate, dance and attempt to push the idea of pride weekend a little further away from its current state of corporate sponsored, assimilationist dismissal of all that is joyful, free and queer. I brought my bunny mask as it seemed like just the sort of occasion to wear it.

There was supposed…

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Elder Law Workshop

Hey Seattle People!

Legal Voice and Qlaw are coming together this month to host a forum on elder law and the LGBT community. It’s going to take place at the Capitol Hill branch of the public library.

Here’s the flyer. Download it and pass it along, or just copy this blog post and share it.

Job Opening with Seattle Office of Civil Rights!

Wow! If anyone is committed to social justice and community organizing, an amazing temporary opportunity has just come up with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights. They are looking to hire someone to teach community organizations and businesses about the new Paid Sick/Safe Leave Ordinance. The job starts at $30/hour.

Here’s the job announcement:

Here’s a summary of the ordinance so you can get up to speed:


And a FAQ sheet about the new law as well:



Get up to speed and get your applications in!



Picking Apples And Other Washington Jobs

Hi folks:

A few people are hitting this website looking for information on the apple picking jobs here in Washington state.

Can’t say I blame you. I found a ton of articles, but figuring out how to get the actual work took some digging. It’s almost like they’re saying “We’re DESPERATE for people to work…but only if you can crack the code and find the buried treasure!”

Here’s the link for the apple picking openings if you want to look at it:

This got me thinking: since the economy is as messed up as it is, I should post other jobs at least once a week. So from here on out, Thursday shall be jobs day here at Your Info Linc.

Let’s get it rolling!

Here is the City of Seattle’s job site:

If you want to work for an LGBT rights organization, look here:

Here’s Wenatchee World’s online classifieds:

A list of temp agencies in Washington State with online work listings:

Rat Race Rebellion has verified online and freelance work opportunities:

Tired of slogging through Craiglist? Search it instead!!


That seems like a good start, hope it helps someone!

My Search for A Credit Union Part One

As soon as I decided it was time to move my money, I started web research to figure out where to go. I live in Seattle, so I started by searching this database:

After the search results popped up, I decided to start with Salal Credit Union. Their website had a lot of good information, and they have a branch about five blocks from our apartment. I went down to open an account last week.

And was not able to do it. I’m about 80 points short of being good enough to have an account.

Salal requires customers to have a minimum credit score of 600 in order to open a checking account with them. My credit score is not that high. The lady I talked to said that most credit unions are moving away from ChexSystems to verify that you’re not passing bad checks and toward requiring a certain minimum score to have an account.

I have to wonder: If that’s true, how are they going to do outreach to people who are stuck using payday loan and check cashing places? Those folks are not going to have a high enough score to qualify. Which is doubly odd, since Salal has something they call SalalReadyCash. They bill it as an alternative to the payday loan industry. But how can you access something you don’t qualify for?

The lady I talked to told me to keep trying other places, and thought that BECU might be large enough to absorb people with lower credit ratings.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board. But I won’t stop looking. I’ll keep you posted.

From Seattle: AT&T Merger Not Great

It appears the AT&T Death Star moving into orbit around Bellevue, WA has caused some people to look around and notice a few things. Like how the housing market might be affected once the two companies “consolidate resources”. (AKA lay a bunch of people off…most likely the lowest paid ones.)  The basic idea being that the loss of jobs will have a secondary on real estate in the area around Factoria. Less people working means less folks paying rent or buying a home. They also won’t necessarily chose to stay in Seattle for their next job.

Tim Ellis over at The Seattle Bubble, a real state blog, has this to say: “…Considering that their headquarters spans at least six large buildings in Factoria, I think it’s safe to say that it’s not just a story that interests me. There are a lot of good jobs that are going to be affected by this acquisition.”   Indeed there are. In a way, I feel like that’s also a big part of the fight. Sure, I don’t want to be dragged back into a contract with AT&T. I ran away from them, and don’t want to be their customer ever again.  

But I also would hate to lose the awesome in person and over the phone customer service I get with T-Mobile. And it would be gone once “our company” was fully digested by the Death Star. There’s some whispering around the web that, in spite of their promise to keep a “significant presence” in the Seattle area, the jobs at T-Mo HQ will be lost, and everything moved to Texas. *sigh*

This article by Jon Talton over at the Seattle Times says one thing I agree with. That “AT&T gets to grow through acqusition, instead of organically by actually serving customers well.” (He must know a few former customers.) He has another point that I’m not certain rings true. Mr. Talton seems to see this particular merger as part and parcel of problems in Seattle business culture that make it hard to grow and keep dynamic, big name companies. I would have to disagree. Where T-Mo lives was not a pre-condition to being eaten by AT&T, more an “accident of birth”, if you will.

T-Mobile’s HQ could have been on the dark side of the moon and AT&T still would have bought them out rather than improve their own customer service.

One thing he brought up that I did not know is that T-Mobile had been on the 24/7 Wall St Blog’s List of 10 Brands that will disappear in 2011. The qualifications for making the list are that “…we expect the brand to be gone by the end of 2011, or for its parent to be sold or go into chapter 11”. That’s all I have for right now. Enjoy their list!