Play the Classics! Classic Simon Available in Market!

Red, Blue, Yellow, Yellow…dang!! I messed up the pattern again! 🙂 One day I got tired of being eternally stuck in an Angry Birds loop, and went looking for another game to play. I just needed a break. Then I saw it, and had to have it! The game that occupied endless hours of my childhood.

Mobikats Ltd has created a Classic Simon App, and it’s free! Yeah, that’s what’s up!

I love this game. There’s something soothing about the four colors and simple beeps. Combine that with the challenge of remembering the patterns, and I’m self-stimulated for the duration. This app has all the original features:

Game Type: Slow, Medium, Fast, Magic Memory, and Two Player. (Soon I shall challenge Mrs. Linc to a round. And I shall triumph.)

You can control the volume level. I like it at top volume, because the beeps help me focus. But there is a silent play option for riding the bus or being in class. Not that I endorse ignoring school and playing Simon instead. Umm… hard…yeah.

There’s a Super Mode option. I don’t remember what Super Mode entails, so I haven’t tried it yet.

You can also upgrade to the paid version. Paying for Simon gets you:

1) Ad free games

2) 3 lives per game

3) Improved sound (??) (high-class beeps?? I don’t know)

4) A bonus “free play” mode

I checked, and the paid version is $2.84, and the developer is listed as “NStudio”. Huh. I’m not sure about that yet.

I was SO glad to find this! You see, quite a few years ago my ex bought me the new version of Simon. Playing it was just awful. It felt so wrong for Simon to be talking to me the whole time. Especially the trash talk when I messed up. I gave it away to the boys down the hall two days later. Yech.

After thinking that Simon would never be part of my life again, now I can take it with me wherever I go! Big props to the developer for bringing it to life, the Market for hosting it, and Mrs. Linc for buying me the smart phone in the first place.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some buttons to push. Simon’s, that is, not Mrs. Linc’s. She won’t be home for a couple more hours. 🙂