An Occupy Anthem

Hey All:

Of course since Anonymous is all of us, this beat that’s been laid down is just one of many expressions of what’s going on out there. There’s a lot of things layered in this video and it’s presentation, but I wanted to put it out on the wire.


Where’s the American Dream Gone?

The Republicans yammer on about how the poor deserve to be poor and whine about holding rich people accountable is “class warfare”. But what has really been going on over the past few decades? Are the 99% of us just totally deluded? Does the American dream still exist? Let’s take a look at a nice graph.

bar graph showing massive income inequalities












Huh. According to this graph, from the time I was 1 until I was 4 years old (76-79) was the only time that incomes were anywhere near equal. Looks like after the Great Depression, there may have been policies put in place that allowed the 99% to make good financial gains (at least the white 99%, more on that later) during the 60s. But after 1980, all bets were off.

Huh. You know, I’m not really sure what else to say about this. Maybe I should just let the graph speak for itself.

Sunday Movie: The Corporation

Since #occupywallstreet is still going and getting stronger every day, I thought this Sunday’s movie should reflect what’s going on out there. “The Corporation” is a documentary that I learned a lot about how we got to Citizens United. Just keep clicking the “Up Next” link in the You Tube frame.



Is It Time to Move Our Money

I read this article today about banks starting to charge $3/month fees for using your debit cards. It’s not all banks, and not all states (yet). But it is Wells Fargo (where I bank) and it is Washington State (where I live). I wasn’t too sure what to do about it. After all, I started up with WF because they have branches everywhere I have people, including rural Michigan. A lot of folks have been saying that it’s time to move our money to credit unions and local banks, but I didn’t think would work for me.

And then I saw that Salal Credit Union is part of a nationwide network of Credit Union ATMs. Apparently, a lot of them have agreements with each other to honor transactions. Including one in rural Michigan. Where I have people. And where I was a member growing up. So now I’m thinking about it.

One of the organizations working on this back to the credit unions and local banks/divorce the giant corporations movement put up this video on YouTube:

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Do you think it’s time to move our money?