We’re Flooding the FCC!

I just swung by the FCC’s Express filing website to put my 3 cents in about the merger from hell. And what did I see? That far and away this situation is blowing up their site.

In the matter of AT&T…has collected 3,386 comments so far.

The next closest case comes in at 389 comments. Yep, 389.

Go on over and check it out yourself. And don’t forget to leave your opinion. But remember to make it something intelligent, not just “AT&T suckz!”. ūüôā


Lightsquared On The Move!

Wow. I barely got done telling you a bit about Lightsquared¬†when they make the news again. PC Mag reports that during the CITA wireless show, the company ran a show and tell. People got to see their mobile internet device, and heard about the deals they’ve signed with Best Buy and Cricket. http://bit.ly/h72Hbt¬† It seems like Lightsquared’s idea of setting up their hybrid network and selling wholesale access to it is starting to catch on quickly.

It’s also upsetting some companies just as fast.

http://bit.ly/g5a6Ym¬†Lightsquared got a conditional waiver from the FCC. They want their land based network to have stronger signals. This has induced a sort of panic in some other companies.¬†I don’t know if¬†it’s based in actual fact, or simply the¬†thought of losing ground/not raking in the money themselves. Several companies have formed a group with the panicky, desperate-sounding name: “Coalition To Save Our GPS”. Their website: http://www.saveourgps.org/¬†

¬†All of the pro-GPS articles I’ve read today sound downright hysterical. People are howling about¬†“political favors” being given out, rules being “broken”, ( http://bit.ly/gvyzzt¬†) and the complete “unfairness” of an unproven technology being granted government approval. After all, it might mess with GPS systems and have disasterous consequences! ( http://bit.ly/evpGyY¬†)

So says the people whose profits are tied to GPS, at any rate. And they’re completely objective, so we should trust them. At least, they huff angrily, they’re more¬†objective than Lightsquared, who’s only out to make money.

They are carrying on as if no one has ever seen government work like this! Perhaps they’ve never seen it work against them.

As an American citizen, not a millionaire CEO, I can tell you that deals, favors, and broken rules happen every day in this government. They usually work out in favor of large, wealthy companies, not smaller upstarts with radical ideas like Lightsquared. (btw, I was wondering how Lightsquared got ahold of some of the airspace they have. They bought out another small company called SkyTerra. http://www.skyterra.com/ )

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More T-Mobile Options: Sign Care2 Petition!

As the days go on, a lot more customers are gathering together to make their voices heard. T-Mobile customers want to register their displeasure about this impending merger. Here’s another option.

A Care2 user has put together a petition. The signatures go to the chair of the FCC. You can sign it here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/stop-t-mobile-from-being-bought-by-att/

Glad to see I’m one among many customers who won’t give up good service that easily.