T3h H3r0d07u5 R3p0r7

Report #THR20101217A
Release Date: 17.12.2010

Executive Summary

The hacktivist who goes by the handle “th3j35t3r” has been carrying out denial of service (DoS) attacks against suspected jihadist websites since he showed up on the hacktavism scene on January 1, 2010. He uses a DoS tool called XerXes that he claims to be the sole author of. He also claims to be “an ex-soldier with a rather famous unit” and to have served two tours of duty as an airborne combat trooper “in (and around) Afghanistan amongst other places”. He says he is between 31-49 years old.

He recently carried out a DoS attack against wikileaks.org, which generated quite a bit of media attention. He is now a declared target of Anonymous, some of whom’s members believe he is a Robin Jackson of Helena, Montana, a 49-year-old employee of the State of Montana who goes by the online handle of “rjacksix”. But…

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